Alif Drama

Alif drama is written by none other than, Umera Ahmed, based on the story of the novel, Alif. Hamza Ali Ali Abbasi as Qalb e Momin and Sajal Aly as Momina Sultan starring the drama with Ahsan Khan and Kubra Khan as Momin’s parents. The main theme of the Alif story is the bond between Allah and individual human beings. The writer brilliantly illustrates it. Alif story revolves around the life journeys of both Qalb e Momin and Momina Sultan. Both are frustrated and rebellious, struggling hard in their lives. The Alif drama timings are 08:00 pm every Saturday on Geo TV.


About Writer-Umera Ahmed

Umera Ahmed is a renowned Pakistan novelist and screenwriter. She is enjoying the success from the start of her career. TV Drama serial, Alif was also written by Umera Ahmad, beautifully describing the relationship between Allah and Human beings. The writer excellently reflects her signature style in the story.

Umera Ahmed
Umera Ahmed

Alif Story

Alif is the story of two individuals, Qalb e Momin and Momina Sultan. Both have turned upside down in their pasts, sharing the same rebellion mindset but in opposite ways. 

Qalb e Momin is a son of Pakistani mother, Husn e Jehan and Turkish father, Taha Abdul Aala. Husn e Jehan was a dancer, and Taha was a calligrapher. They fell in love with each other at a dance festival and married against their parents’ will. Later, they became the parents of a son and named him Qalb e Momin. Taha is ashamed of displeasing his father and repeatedly apologizing, but Abdul Aala was very sad about the act of his son. At a point, there was a dispute between Taha and Husn e Jehan. Because Taha had no job and mother wanted to raise her child well, so Husn e Jehan decided to sell her portraits that her husband made. For this, she called her makeup artist, Sultan Shah, from Pakistan to Turkey and gave him the things to sell in Pakistan. When Taha came back with gifts, as he found a job and wanted to surprise his wife, he saw that portraits have gone. He immediately went mad and left the house after an argument with Husn e Jehan. She thought that Taha went to his father, Abdul Aala, and started to write letters to him, but there was no reply. Now, Qalb e Momin accused Sultan Shah of the conflict between his parents and hated that man. At that time, the innocent boy came up with an Idea. He loved his mother, Husn e Jehan, so much and wanted his father to come back, so they can be a happy family again. He started writing letters to Allah because He knows everything, so He will also know about his father. In his letters, he promised Allah Almighty to do good things and told him that he is waiting for a reply. The poor child, Qalb e Momin, did not know the address of Allah Almighty, but her mother told him that He is everywhere. So he also made a letterbox and put it into the jungle. Now, he posted letters in that box.


At this point, Abul Aala, Momin’s grandfather, wrote Husn e Jehan, that he is coming. She was happy and started preparation for the day. When Abdul Aala came alone, she could not understand why he was alone. She asked about her husband, but father-in-law nodded. He also did not know about Taha and never came to him. Their hope was lost. Abdul Aala searched for his son, Taha, in the surrounding, then he came to Husn e Jehan with a piece of the heartbreaking news that Taha is no more, and has died long before. It was a great shock to them. Abdul Aala wanted them to come with him, but Husn e Jehan decided to go back to Pakistan. Here is the start of a new chapter in Qalb e Momin’s life. His mother had to dance for living in Pakistan, and Qalb e Momin hated it. Somehow, he compromised with it but was frustrated when his school friends came to Momin’s birthday party with parents. One of the parents knew that Husn e Jehan is a dancer and said bad things about her. This broke Momin badly. The next morning, his friends were no longer talking to him and told him that he is a bad boy. After the incident, Momin decided to go to his grandfather and left the mother. Now the adult Qalb e Momin is a filmmaker. He is frustrated and does not want to opt for calligraphy, as his father and grandfather did. He is far different from young Qalb e Momin. Now, his thinking is far from orthodox. Women are subjected to his movies with bold dressing.

Momina Sultan, on the other hand, is the daughter of Sultan Shah and Surraiya. She has an ailing brother, Jehangir, suffering from renal failure. She is in love with Faisal, who is a wealthy man and forbade her to work in dramas. But Momina has no choice. Momina does not want to act, but she has to do it for a living and the treatment of her brother’s illness. She loves to do calligraphy and visits Master Ibrahim often, before him she can open her heart. Momina is doing supporting roles and minor roles in different dramas. Despite giving strong performances, Momina could not find a big role. Eventually, Qalb e Momin was interviewing new faces for her new film. Daud, Momina’s friend, an assistant to Momin, helps her to appear for the audition. On the set, Momina refuses to wear the vulgar dress and ends with an argument with Momin. Meanwhile, Hollywood filmmakers need an Asian face for their upcoming movie. Daud makes efforts to send her video for the audition to the Hollywood company. Luckily, they shortlisted Momina for the audition. Daud arranges tickets and hotel stays and surprises Momina. She leaves for an interview at Lahore and successfully passes it. But, her younger brother seriously fell ill at home while she was on her way to Lahore. Her friends, Daud and Hafsa, helped her parents and did not tell her about Jehangir. When Momina was signing the contract and thinking about brother treatment, Jehangir died at the hospital. But the parents and friends did not tell her about the incident. Momina comes to this news on arriving. She is grieved, hopeless, and not interested in life. Now, she is the only child of her parents and has to live and stand with parents to face this trauma. She goes to America to work. There she is receiving offers for work in more movies and dramas. She accepts it but with the condition that she will not do bold dressing. She has also won an Oscar award for her first movie in Hollywood. Now she is famous, and the media is talking about her.


When Momina sultan is getting successful, Qalb e Momin is facing some troubles in his career. He fights with his fiance, Neha, who is also doing wardrobe for his movie. She wants Momin to cast her best friend in the upcoming movie. But Momin refuses to cast him. He also kicks Neha out from wardrobing. After that, Neha leaks his pool party pictures. That time, he was in Turkey for the preparation of his upcoming movie. He also visits his grandfather Abdul Aala there. 

He is a calligrapher and loves to do it. Momin has a hot discussion about the bond between Allah Almighty and a man with a grandfather. He challenges his grandfather to make a movie on spirituality. Then, he returns to Pakistan and announces for making a movie on spirituality. He tells in the press conference that he is postponing the current project. People are shocked and surprised on hearing this news. They were not expecting it from Qalb e Momin. They start to withdraw from the project. Now, people are laughing at Momin and calling him stupid, who is ruining his career in the showbiz industry. All this makes Momin more frustrated and moody. He is upset and has no resources to initiate the project. Now, he starts to believe in his grandfather’s words. Gradually all the people are going out of his life, the people who always followed him. 

There is also another problem, he can not find an outstanding spiritual story for the film. He interviews many writers and listens to them but does not like their stories. All are the same and below average. He also fires his contracted writer and faces a lawsuit action. Qalb e Momin is stuck in nowhere. With all the problems and tensions going on, he decides to see his grandfather and goes to Turkey. Now, he is feeling well and can focus on the work. Nothing much happens when he hears the news of his grandfather’s death. Abdul Aala was his only relative. After that, heartbroken Qalb e Momin comes to know that his grandfather was a renowned personality. He won many awards and certificates but never decorated them on shelves. He spends many months at his grandfather’s house in Turkey and experiences knowledge of wisdom. While in Pakistan, no one knows about Qalb e Momin as he suddenly disappeared. Daud went to his home again and again, but the housekeeper, Shakoor, could not tell more than Abdul Aala had died, and Qalb e Momin went to Turkey. One day, Tina and Daud are talking about closing the office and seeking a new job, Momin arrives at the office. He gives them the script and asks them for some work. Tina is not interested in reading the script, but she has to. Qalb e Momin named the story, Alif. After reading the script of Alif, Tina and Daud do not believe that Momin wrote the story. He wrote about his parents, their pasts, love story, and then how they broke up. And how did their poor child feel? But no one knows that he was the son of Husn e Jehan and wrote his own story.


Now the drama enters in the most awaited twist. Daud suggests to Momin that they should cast Momina for the lead role. Momin is aware of his bad behavior in the past and tells Daud that she will refuse. But Daud says, I shall try for once and go to Momina. She immediately refuses without listening to a word. But he leaves the script as the table asks her to read it for once. Momina reads and has decided to work in Alif. His father, a Sultan, suggests that she should not do this project. Momina says yes to the project, and Momin is surprised. She demands seven paintings of Abdul Aala, that he gave Momin on his birthdays, as compensation for the project. Momin does not want to give them to anyone, but he has made a deal. Momina gifts calligraphy to Master Ibrahim, who is deadly sick now. As soon as the news comes out in the media that Momina has signed her first project in Pakistan with Qalb e Momin, everyone who left Momin starts to come back. Momin is thankful to Momina and tries to express his gratitude. Momina has become so cold after the death of her brother. These things are no more important to her.

This is the story so far that it has aired on TV. In the next episode, you shall see that filming of Alif has started, and Momin is going into the trans. He sees his mother in Momina.

Alif Cast

  • Hamza Ali Abbasi as Qalb e Momin
  • Sajal Aly as Momina Sultan
  • Manzar Sehbai as Abdul Aala (Momin’s grandfather)
  • Ahsan Khan as Taha Abul Aala (Momin’s father)
  • Kubra Khan as Husn e Jehan (Mommin’s mother)
  • Pehlaaj Hassan as Qalb e Momin in childhood
  • Saleem Mairaj as Sultan Shah ( Husn e Jehan’s makeup artist and Momina’s father)
  • Lubna Aslam as Surraiya (Momina’s mother)
  • Hadi Bin Arshad as Jehangir (Momina’s brother)
  • Usman Khalid Butt as Faisal (Momina’s ex-fiancee)
  • Musaddiq Malik as Daud (Momin’s assistant and Momina’s friend)
  • Hina Ashfaq as Tina (Momin’s Assistant)
  • Fareeha Raza as Aqsa (Momina’s friend)
  • Sadaf Kanwal as Neha (Designer and Momin’s ex-fiance)
  • Yashma Gill as Shelly (Filmstar)
  • Shakeel Hussain Khan as Akhter (Writer)
  • Nida Mumtaz as Mumtaz (Husn e Jehan’s mother)
  • Saife Hassan as Master Ibrahim (Husn e Jehan’s second husband)
  • Fahad Ahmed (Husn e Jehan’s brother)
  • Umer Daar as Shakoor (Momin’s housekeeper)
  • Salman Saeed as Abbas
  • George Fulton as Cliff Hector
  • Arjumand Azhar as Khaliq (Guest appearance) 

Alif OST

Shuja Haider and Momina Mustehsan sung the OST of drama Alif. Shuja Haider also composed the title song of the drama. The drama writer, Umera Ahmed, also participated in writing the lyrics of Alif OST. It was the first OST sung by Momina Mushtehsan in her career.

Production and Direction

Sana Hamayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz are the producers, under the banner of Epic Entertainment Production House, of Alif drama. Haseeb Hassan directed the story.

Final Words

Now the drama is moving towards its end and becoming breathtaking. People gave mixed reviews at the teasers of the drama. We feel that Hamza Ali Abbasi could not do justice with the role, but know, he is outstanding. This week hits the highest rating points since it started on Geo TV. The reason behind that can be another drama that ended on 25th January. Well, we shall do injustice, if we compare Alif with Mere Paas Tum Ho. It is a spiritual story-based drama with light sprinkles of romance. In this article, I have told the story of Alif drama up to the latest episode. Alif OST is worth listening to, sung by Shuja Haider and Momina Mustehsan. People may have read Alif novel, but you guys do not spoil the drama and let people watch it with interest. So that they can understand what the message is for them. Tell us in the comment section how you found the drama. 

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