Ehd-e-Wafa Drama

This drama series is presented by ISPR, Inter-Service Public Relations. Drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa is a popular show across Pakistan. Its story is good, engaging different institutions of Pakistan; Army, Civil Services, Politics, Media, and Health. The author has done a fair deal with the characters. Ehd-e-Wafa story revolves around four friends. It tells about their passions, careers, expectations, hopes for life, and how a friend betrayed them. The cast of Ehd-e-Wafa includes Osman Khalid Butt, Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmad Ali Akbar, Wahaj Ali, Zara Noor Abbas, and Alizeh Shah in leading roles. All of them are part of different sections of Pakistan. Famous composer and singer, Sahir Ali Bagga composed the drama song. A total of 20 episodes of Ehd-e-Wafa have aired. The first episode was made public on 22 September 2019 on PTV and Hum TV. Now the drama is proceeding towards its end. Ehd-e-Wafa airs at 08:00 PM every Sunday on PTV and Hum TV.


The Story

Drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa is the story of 4 friends; Saad Inaam, Malik Shahzain, Shahriyar, and Shariq Habib. Saad is the son of an army officer, Brigadier General Faraz Inaam. His mother is a doctor and practicing in her private clinic. Saad has a younger sister Rameen, who wants to become a painter. He lives in Rawalpindi.

Malik Shahzain belongs to a landlord’s family from Chakwal. He is close to grandfather, Malik Allah Yar. Shahzain has a younger brother Shahzeb. 

Saad belongs to a poor family in Rawalpindi. His father is the master of a musical band typically called, Mairaasi. He works for weddings or other festive occasions. He is the eldest and only brother of his sisters and the only hope of the parents.

Shariq Habib is an orphan boy from Lahore. His elder sister is a nurse and doing two jobs to support her widowed mother and younger brother.

These four boys are studying in the prestigious institution, Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree. They are best friends and named their group SSG, Special S Group. These boys have set the rules for the gang and the naughtiest friends group in the college. They often bunk college and broke the hostel territory against the rules. They have been punished many times but nothing can stop them. In parallel, the stories of two girls, Rani and Dua, are also continuing. Rani belongs to the village. She is an energetic, zestful and sparkled girl but uninterested in studies. Dua is a hardworking girl and passionate about becoming a doctor. She lives in Rawalpindi and comes to Murree to see her relatives.


All were going well when an issue arose. Four of them made plans to break the hostel for some chill outside. While they were walking, chilling, and talking on the road outside the college. While they were running after each other, Saad bumped into Dua outside the sweatshop. He has met Dua before in a painting workshop and likes her. Saad was surprised to see his love. Shahzain notices his behavior and makes a plan to follow Dua towards her house. He successfully came back from the mission and disclosed it to others, Shehritar and Shariq, about Saad’s love feelings. At the same time, they were also resolving problems with caretaker Firdous and his son Khursheed. They made a plan to break hostel again, and it turned into their last action against discipline. They went out to eat some fish. After that, they planned for ice-cream. On the ice-cream stand, Shariq sees Dua and runs to the friends, and tells that Dua Bhaabi is also there. Shahzain and Shehriyar go there, and tell Dua about the feelings of their friend, Saad, to Dua. When Raheel sees them again, he goes mad and accuses them of harassing his cousin, and sister. He immediately calls the police. All friends ran except Saad as police put him in lockup. He calls caretaker Firdous Saab from the police station. On coming back to the hostel, Saad and Shahzain, get into a fight. Saad slaps Shahzain. The next day, the college dean calls the parents or guardians of all four. He expels them from college but allows them to give exams. All of them were sent to their homes.

Shahzain chooses not to appear for exams, while the other three present. Saad was cold to them. When the result comes out. Shahriyar tops the exam Saad gets the second position.


Saad chooses to join the army, Shahriyar enrolls in the university, and Shriq wants to be a journalist. Dua takes admission in medical college. All of them move on in their lives, but Shahzain IS still in a rage, he wants to lower Saad. For this, he plans to marry Dua and sends his parents to her home. But, Dua’s parents refuse softly. Now, Shahzain turns down and marries Rani. He has joined politics and won the seat of MNA from his village.

At this stage of the drama, Saad and Dua coincidently meet each other at the park. After some time, they become good friends. At PMA, Saad meets Gulzar Hussain, who is from a poor family. He is struggling hard to be fit in the army. Gulzar is also his roommate at PMA. Saad tops the Yarmuk exercises and gets a choice to join Sandhurst Royal Military Academy exchange program, but he volunteers to go there as he wants to pass from PMA. Time passes, and Saad wins a sword from PMA like his father, Faraz Inaam. Gulzaar Hussain is listed among the top ten cadets.

On the other side, Raheel sees Dua with Saad. He comes to the home and tells Dua’s parents about it. On the same day, she comes to know that Raheel is her fiance, she immediately refuses to marry him. It causes a conflict between two families. While sorting things out with her uncle, Dua’s parents go into an accident. Her father dies on the spot, and the mother is paralyzed now. Dua also comes to know that she is an adopted child, now her cousin Raheel is blackmailing id she does not marry him, then she will not get a penny from the wealth, because she is adopted. Dua decides to marry him, but the mother refuses. She sells the house, takes the amount of her share, and shifts to Abbottabad with an adopted daughter.

Dua with Saad
Dua with Saad

Shahriyar joins his father and plays an instrument while continuing studies. His cousin Masooma loves him, but he is ignoring her. One day, she expresses her feelings to Shahriye, but he scolds her by saying, “Tumhare Maa Baap Ne Tumhe Yahan Parhne Bheja Hai, Ishq Aashiqui Ke Chakron Main Prne Nhi Bheja. The very next morning, she leaves for her home. But, he has no regrets.

Shariq joins a magazine, but he is not satisfied with the job and wants to join a news channel. One of his friends gave him an idea to make a YouTube channel. When they were making their first video, they faced some Mafia persons. Somehow, both managed to escape from their prison. Then Shariq goes to a TV channel and gives video to the channel. But that man has already partnered with those rascals. He pretends to be a good person and offers him a job. Shariq accepted it without any hesitation. After some time, Boss kicks Shariq out for disobeying. He wanted to air some news, but Boss was against it. He forced his colleague Ramsha to air that piece of news. After resigning, both Ramsha and Shariq started a YouTube channel. They make videos on social issues and now, have become social media stars. Shariq gets offers from different TV channels. He joins a news channel and builds his reputation as an honest anchor. At one time of his career, he has to interview his best friend, Shahzain and ends in bitter words.

Zara Noor Abbas
Zara Noor Abbas

Drama Cast

  • Ahad Raza Mir as Saad Inam (Army officer)
  • Osman Khalid Butt as Malik Shahzain (Politician)
  • Ahmed Ali Akbar as Shahriyar (Assistant Commissioner)
  • Wahaj Ali as Shariq Habib (An honest anchor and journalist)
  • Adnan Samad Khan as Gulzar Hussain (Saad’s coursemate and friend at PMA)
  • Vaneeze Ahmed as Mrs. Faraz Inam (Doctor by profession)
  • Faraz Inam Siddiqui as Brigadier General (Saad’s Father)
  • Syed Muhammad Ahmed as Malik Allahyar (Shahzain’s grandfather)
  • Azeem Sajjad (Shahzain’s father)
  • Munaza Arif (Shahzain’s mother)
  • Aagha Muhammad Ali (Shehriyar’s father)
  • Komal Sajid as Rameena (Saad’s sister)
  • Alizeh Shah as Dua
  • Zara Noor Abbas as Rani (Shahzain’s wife)
  • Hajra Yamin as Ramsha (Journalist)
  • Naeema Naeem Butt (Shariq’s elder sister)
  • Momina Iqbal as Masooma (Shehriyar’s cousin)
  • Khalifa Sajeer Uddin as Ret. Soobaedaar Firdous (Caretaker at Lawrence College)
  • Ejaaz Ahmed Niazi (Dean Lawrence College)  

Pictures Leaked from the Set of the Last Episode of Ehd-e-Wafa


Recently, social media broke with the pictures from the set of the last episode of Ehd-e-Wafa. The person who leaked the pictures said that Saad will die in the last episode. In the viral pictures, we can see Ahad Raza Mir (Saad), and Alizeh Shah (Dua) getting married. Saad’s friends  Shahriyar, Shariq, and Gulzar Hussain can also be seen in the picture standing behind the Sofa. Other pictures showing the hospital. We can also see the upset Malik Shahzain sitting on a chair with Shahriyar, waiting for some doctors from ICU. Another picture shows Major General Daraz Inaam, visiting the hospital in uniform. Whoever leaked the pictures, did not do well. He completely ruined the hard work of the team behind the project and also spoiled the surprise of the last episode to the audience.

Writer’s Lack of Research while Penned 20th Episode of Ehd-e-Wafa

Mustafa Afridi
Mustafa Afridi

I am not happy to say that, like many other dramas, the writer of Ehd-e-Wafa lacks proper research and knowledge. We can ignore minor mistakes, but the writer made a big blunder in episode 20 of the drama. Before saying anything, I would like to mention Shahriyar’s dialogue on arriving at his father after a successful interview. 

“Shahriyar: Assalam-o-Alaikum

Father: Han Bai Sherry, Wo Interview Dy Aaya Hai, Nokri Hogae Hai?

Shahriyar: Nai

Father: Acha, Oey Chal Koe Baat Nai. Hojaye Gi. Is hotel Main Na Shi, Kisi Aur Hotel Main Sahi. Tou Aisa Kr Na, Tou Doosry Hotel Main Appeal Da Di, Mera Matlab Hai Darkhawast Da Di. Yahan Na Shi, Khin Aur Sahi

Shahriyar: Abu Jee! Aap Se ek Baat Kahon, Gussa To Nahi Krain Gy?

Father: Oey Laal Khan Gusse Wale Din Paida Hi Nehi Hoa h. Haste Hoey Aaya Tha Aur Haste Hoey Hi Chla Jaye Ga. Bol Kya Baat Hai


Shahriyar: Main Hotel Ke Manager Ke Interview Ke Liye Nahi Gaya Tha.

Father: Oye Phir Tou Kahan Gaya Tha

Shahriyar: Main Ne CSS ka Imtehaan Diye Tha Do Maheene Phle, Oska Result Aaya Hai, Main Pakistan Main Satween Position Pe Aya Hoon. Osi Ke Interview Ke Liye Gaya Tha, Select Hogya.”

At the end of the conversation, Shahriyar tells his father “Main Assistant Commissioner Ban Gaya.”

 According to the writer, a civil servant is selected in 2 months only. I do not know who told this to Mustafa Afridi. He must confirm it before adding in the script. I won’t go in the details, but roughly, the whole selection process takes one and a half years. I agree that it is just a drama media has a powerful impact on people. It is a source of knowledge for them. It is a writer’s responsibility to convey the right information to the audience.

Ehd-e-Wafa OST

sahir Ali Bagga
sahir Ali Bagga

Famous Sahir Ali Bagga is the composer of the Ehd-e-Wafa song. He also has sung it other co-singers are Ali Zafar, Asim Azhar, and Aima Baig.

Ehd-e-Wafa Writer

Mustafa Afridi is the writer of drama.

Production and Direction

It is an ISPR’s production. Momina Duraid is the co-maker of Ehd-e-Wafa and Saife Hassan gives directions for it.

Final Words

Drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa is progressing towards its end. It is not the sequel of PTV drama, Alpha Bravo Charlie. The hearts of our nation are beating with the Army, so we show emotional attachment with such shows. I have told the story so far. Upcoming episodes are even more exciting. Comment in the section below, and tell us about your reviews on drama. How did you feel about the drama journey? Who is your favorite character in the Drama?

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