Hum TV Drama Pyar Ke Sadqay

It is a classic drama airing on Hum TV. Bilal Abbas Khan and Yumna Zaidi are playing the lead roles. They both look cute and adorable. The drama story revolves around two people who are too innocent and soft-hearted. They are far from the cleverness of this world. The drama is presented by Hum TV and famous writer Zanjbeel Asim penned the story. Its first episode was aired on 23 January 2020 from Hum TV.

pyar ke sadqay
pyar ke sadqay

Pyar Ke Sadqay Drama Timings

The drama is airing on Hum TV every Thursday at 08:00 PM. 

Drama Story

The story revolves around two persons; Mah Jabeen and Abdullah. Mahjabeen is a pure, harmless, and innocent girl, but she is a moron. She has failed the matriculation for the third time continuously despite studying hard. Now, the parents have decided to marry the girl. For this purpose, they are looking for a boy who can tolerate Mah Jabeen with all of her foolishness. But each time, the boy’s family refuses because of her stupidity. 

Abdullah is a rich boy. His father died in childhood so, mother wedded again to a person, Mr. Sarwar, who can take care of her late husband’s business. Abdullah has no interest in any subject other than Mathematics. His step-father wants him to study business, and Abdullah fails every time. He loves his classmate at the university who is also a class topper. He discussed it with his Aunt, and younger sister, and decided to express the feelings before the girl, Shanzeh. Abdullah calls her, but she thinks that the dumb boy is joking. She has blocked Abdullah’s phone number, but now he is contacting her with other numbers. Lately, his step-father gets a complaint about it, and he scolds Abdullah. His mother decides to take a marriage proposal to Shanzeh’s parents for her son, Abdullah.



Sarwar Saab, Abdullah’s step-father, married the widow only for money. She is also older than him. Sarwar’s mother wants him to marry a young girl who should be 15 years younger than her son. Sarwar is nor longer interested in his first wife, who is getting older. Moreover, he has owned property by his step-son, Abdullah.

Rizwaan Saab, Mah Jabeen’s father, is working for Sarwar Saab. He is the secretary of Abdullah’s mother and step-father. Mah Jabeen and Abdullah are childhood buddies. One day, a boy’s family is coming to see Mah Jabeen for a marriage. Her mother brings her to a beauty salon. On the way back home, they went to Rizwaan Saab’s office. There Mah Jabeen meets, Sarwar Saab and he immediately falls in love with her and tells her mother about the girl. 

On the other side, Mah Jabeen gets engaged this time. Her fiance is a doctor. 

Only four episodes of the drama have aired, and you shall be updated with the further story.                                                                                                  

Drama Cast

  • Yumna Zaidi as Mah Jabeen
  • Bilal Abbas as Abdullah
  • Yashma Asad Gill as Shanzeh (Abdullah’s crush)
  • Omair Rana as Sarwar Saab (Abdullah’s step-father)
  • Atieeqa Odho (Abdullah’s mother)
  • Salma Hassan as Mrs. Rizwaan (MahJabeen’s mother) 
  • Sarah Asghar as (Abdullah’s younger sister)
  • Khalid Malik as Dr. Hammad (MahJabeen’s fiance)
  • Gul e Rana (Sarwar’s old mother)
  • Khalid Anam as Shanzeh’s father
  • Sharmeen Khan (Abdullah’s Aunt)
  • Ahsan Mohsin 
  • Danish Aqeel

Director and Producer

Drama, Pyar Ke Sadqay, is presented by MD Production house and Farooq Rind is directing the drama.


The Writer

The renowned writer, Zanjbeel Asim Shah, penned this drama. 

Pyar Ke Sadqay OST

Ali Moeen Khan made efforts for the lyrics of the drama song and Ahmed Jehanzaib composed it. Ahmed Jehanzaib also sang the song with female singer Mahnoor Khan.                                                

Final Words

In the coming episodes, you shall see twists in the story that Mah Jabeen and Abdullah shall fell in love with each other, but Sarwar Saab, Abdullah’s step-father, will play a negative role in that as he also wants to marry Mah Jabeen.

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