Mere Paas Tum Ho

The much-awaited last episode of the romantic drama, Mere Paas Tum Ho, came on 25 January on ARY Digital and Cinemas. The end of the story was predictable but not impactful. The dramas have completed in 23 parts. Though it is subjected to many controversial dialogues Khalil ur Rehman penned the last episode beautifully. The drama ended with a conversation between father, Danish, and son, Roomi. The drama was aired at 08:00 pm every Saturday. The highest-rated drama and got the highest 26.2 TRPs.


There are many critics and praisers of this play. Some are happy with dialogues and while others denounce it for disputed dialogues. Some of the famous are ‘DO Takay Ki Aurat’, ‘Shirk to Khuda Bhi Maaf Nhi Krta, ‘Os Mard Ki Muskurahat Par Taras Khao Jise Apni Bivi Par Shak Hogya Ho, ‘Mohabbat Jab Paheli Ban Jaye To Wo Mohabbat Nhi Hoti’, ‘Jis Mohabbat Ko Pichli Mohabat Kehna Pr Jaye Wo Pichli Bar Bhi Mohabbat Nahi Hoti’.

About Writer

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar is famous for jot downing heart-touching script on love, and unfaithfulness. Every time, he comes with a different story plot but with the same thread that is love. Mere Pass Tum Ho was very well written with his pen.

khalil ul rehman
khalil ul rehman

The Story

I would not say that the writer gave a unique story. It was an ordinary story of a middle-class man but heart-touching dialogues. Danish is an honest government officer who believes in integrity and rejects every opportunity of bribery. He loves his family so much, but his wife turned out to be a gold digger. Shehwar Ahmed, who himself also a gold digger and married to a businesswoman, pushed Mehwish to have an affair with him. Shehwar poisoned her thoughts made Mehwish demand a divorce from her husband, Danish. Though it was a love marriage, she seemed not to care about it and left her child, Roomi, too. He was so ashamed and dejected after the whole mess. And, could find the courage to tell people about the separation, and decided to resign from his job, sold the apartment, and moved out. He admitted his son, Roomi, to a boarding school.


From there, he went to the stock exchange, met his friend, and made some investments. Here, the writer added an interesting twist. Danish purchased the shares of Shehwar Ahmed’s company. Then surprisingly, share prices went higher and higher, and he became rich overnight. Now the father and the son are the strengths of each other.                 

Mehwish, on the other hand, was staying at her boyfriend’s and enjoying a lavish lifestyle. But, she is suffering from the demise of being unable to meet her son, as Roomi refused to see Mehwish. Shehwar Ahmed is no more interested to marry her. Every time when Mehwish asks him about Nikah, Shehwar would make some excuses.

As the story progresses, Roomi emerged as a mature boy who wants to see his father happy. He also liked his teacher, Miss Hania, for his father. final episode

The story twiddled when Shehwar Ahmed’s first came back from America at the time of marriage and slapped Mehwish. Shehwar got arrested in the charges of embezzlement. Maham. Shewhart’s first wife kicked Mehwish out of the house. Now, she has nowhere to go. Now, she is regretting and apologizes for what she did. Now, the story enters the stage of curiosity. People were suspended about the fate of Mehwish. Will Danish forgive Mehwish? Will he marry to Hania?  

Last Episode

The last show of Mere Paas Tum Ho was supposed to be aired on 18 January, but it did not. It was aired on 25 January on ARY Digital and cinemas across the country. In the last episode, Shehwar Ahmed left his wife as he could not bear the embarrassment to cheat his wife over Mehwish. Monty, Danish’s neighbor, came to visit and request Danish to meet Mehwish. He did not want but finally went to see his ex-wife. There he suffered from a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. He could not make it there and died.

The last scene of the drama was a conversation between Roomi and his father in ICU. He promised to the son that it does not matter if I died, your father will always be beside your side and left all the audience in tears. 

Drama Cast

  • Humayun Saeed as Danish (leading role)
  • Ayeza Khan as Mehwish (leading role)
  • Adnan Siddiqui as Shehwar Ahmed (leading role)
  • Mehar Bano as Anushey (Mehwish’s friend)
  • Syed Mohammad Ahmed as Mateen 
  • Mussadiq Malik as Monty
  • Hira Mani as Hania
  • Hina Javed as Wateera
  • Swera Nadeem as Mahum Syed
  • Furqan Qureshi as Salman
  • Rehmat Ajmal as Ayesha
  • Anooshey Abbasi as Ifra
  • She’s Sajjal Gul as Roomi
  • Waseem Lashari as an anti-corruption officer
  • Shamim Hilaly as a school principal

Direction and Production

Hamayun Saeed is the maker of this drama under the banner of Six Sigma Production. Nadeem Baig was the director of the drama.

Nadeem Baig
Nadeem Baig


The whole journey of Mere Paas Tum Ho has been striking with some disputed dialogues, and writer’s expressions. Let’s briefly talk about it.

Mehwish’s Business Trip with Shehwar

People went mad on social media, criticizing the hotel room scene. It was the first time when the drama was discussed on Twitter and Facebook. People were angry for a bold scene of a hotel room, where Ayeza Khan appeared in a nighty dress. Check the following:

Meray pass tum ho

Danish Fails to Act Manly

In this play, Danish was seen as a husband who tolerates the cheating of his wife. He failed to act manly to stop Mehwish and let her go with Shehwar. It was so gross that a woman was scared of her husband and calling her lover that he should come and take her.

Do Takay Ki Aurat

It was the first argument that arose the dispute and divided the nation. One group thought that a woman should not humiliate with such insulting words. Others said that a gold digger greedy woman deserves the status of Do Takay Ki Woman. Check out the following Twitterati.

Mehwish’s Residence at Shehwar’s House without Marriage

People objected to showing this and argued that media has a profound impact on our culture, especially on the youth’s mindset. Our generation will adopt things that will show them.

Writer’s Controversial interview on Gender Equality

In an interview, Khalil ur Rehman gave a viewpoint that if women are convinced of gender equality, then they should rape men too. This stance also parted in the reputation of the drama.  

Adnan Siddiqui’s Controversial Dialogue

Adnan Siddiqui’s talk, Khuda Pe Mat Chorna, Wo Talaq Lene Wali Aurton Se Khush Nahi Hota. Jo Bhi Karna Os Se Zara Bach Bacha Ke Krna in drama put the people on the backlash. People got angry and trolling the writer for hurtful lines.

Final Words

Overall, the drama was good. It gave us many good thoughts and some disputable lines. It was an ordinary story of a middle-class gold digger woman, but the dialogues magnified the impact of the drama. It is important to see what message a writer wants to convey to the audience? We are well familiar with the ideas of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s work. He likes to write about love and unfaithfulness of the other partner. He portrays a simple story with very deep dialogues that the listener would have been surprised.

Some people are also saying that the drama shows that in our society, no one will ask the man about his deed but will define the woman. 

Well, there may be many sides of the conclusion. The drama ended with a beautiful conversation between father and son. So, it showed the love of a parent even on a deathbed. Mehwish was there and regretting her deed, gave us a lesson that we should not take our loved ones for granted for the sake of materialistic things. Shehwar’s empire came to an end, giving us a lesson that if someone causes trouble and unrest for others, he can never rest in himself. 


So praisers and critics may be right at their places. But, it is all about the positivity that we must look for in our society. Media parts an important role in shaping society and its culture so they should also take care of some bad things that could negatively affect society.

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