Hum Award 2020

Hum Style Award was organized on 25 January 2020. That night, all the stars of the showbiz industry gathered under one roof. Celebrities showed themselves on the red carpet ceremony. Awards shows are held all around the world where every star tries to look best in style. This event is not for stars only, but the designers and makeup artists fully show their talent and skills by working for celebrities. But unfortunately, some celebrities fail to show style at their best. And some styling even goes wrong. Following I shall discuss the worst dresses at the 7th Hum Award Show. 

  1. Mansha Pasha

Mansha Pasha Hum award show 2020

We could not understand what Mansha Pasha tried to show. She was wearing a hot-pink off-shoulder, coat dress with an effort to make it stylish. Mansha Pasha had the biggest failure at style and fashion in the Hum Award 2020 ceremony. It seems that she was confused in choosing style, perhaps, Mansha Pasha took some notes from Priyanka Chopra’s trench coat dress from Met Gala 2017. It is not always good to copy looks from Bollywood. Mansha was wearing an off-shoulder from one side and embellished sleeve on the other, four buttons on the belly part of the dress, and cut from the upper leg with black heels and black ear tops. And net legging coving foot. Seriously Masha? And what she thought while wearing net leggings from toe under the dress.She made her fans disappointed with her style at the ceremony. They are confused buddy, you have totally destroyed.


  1. Ayesha Umer

Ayesha Umer Hum award 2020


The stylish actress and model always tries to look different at awards ceremonies or other events. She has also been criticized many times in the past for her awkward dressing. This time she again faced a lot of criticism over her dress choices. She was wearing a black off-shoulder dress with high heels, black gloves and ear tops of fire stone. The top of the dress was good, but the lower one was not looking good. There was also no need for wearing black leather gloves. They were not making the combination. Ayesha Umar should upgrade her fashion sense while choosing a dress. 

  1. Meera Sethi

Hum award show 2020

She was wearing a gorgeous blue color. But the actress failed to impress with a bold styling dress. The dress was so simple, with no embellishments, no embroidery, and no other decorative accessories. She paired the thin blue skirt with a short blouse and a coat. A silver watch in her left hand and silver chain earrings. The dress and style were not for a red carpet ceremony. It was a more formal dress that Meera can wear at business dealings and meetings. She also copied the Bollywood star, Karina Kapoor’s look. The picture is shared below. The vivid colored dress with too appealing style was nor good for an evening award ceremony. 


  1. Sana Fakhar

Hum award show 2020

Sana Fakhar is famous for her bold acting in the showbiz industry. She has enough experience in films and dramas. People love her personality, her style, and her choices for wearing dresses. But this time, she failed to impress us on Hum Awards 2020. Sana was wearing a gold evening gown with a revealing cut on thighs. She tightened a golden belt around her waist and wore golden coat shoes. Sana styled her hair in bouncy curls from the lower that gave her a messy and awkward look. She wore brown make-up with a golden brown outfit looking tired while carrying a Gucci hand pouch. We can not understand why she chose the same, bronze, makeup look, and hair color. We have praised her for fitness and style. But this time she failed in it.

  1. Kubra Khan

Kubra khan Hum award 2020

Kubra Khan is one of the most stylish actresses of Pakistan. It seems that black is her favorite color because she wears this color in most of the functions in the showbiz industry. She was looking nice with her signature makeup, loose curled hair, and beautiful hanging earrings. She was wearing an orange heel which looked good but Kubra could not choose a nice dress. Although it was black, the patches at the bottom of the frock just ruined it. We could not understand why she could choose a good dress. And what she was thinking while picking it.

  1. Sonya Hussyn

Hum award 2020

Sonya Hussayn is well known for her styles and fashion trends. She is good at carrying different styles of outfits. At the Hum Awards 2020, She selected a plain white silk sari with embellished sleeveless blouse. She wore very light makeup, a ring, and a nice pair of hanging earrings.   She wrapped her hair in a casual bun. She should wear some heavy makeup and a nice hairstyle so that she could look beautiful in a better way rather tired. Sari has no alteration in a classic look. But Sonya tried to add something different in Sari. She wrapped some cloth around her arms, and we could not understand why she did it. The wrapped cloth was not fancy at all, and it took over the entire look of Sari, looking like she tore the curtains in the last minute at home and wrapped it on her arms. Perhaps, she tried to protect herself from cold weather.  

  1. Eeshal Fayyaz

Hum award show 2020


She is a well-known model, therefore we expected more from her. But she disappointed us. Eeshal was wearing a black nightgown and just added a loose embroidered poncho. It was not the model who did not even care about the outfit. It seems like she picked the oldest dress from her closet. She was not looking pretty. Her hairstyle and makeup were just casual. Eeshal did not show any of her skills in fashion wearing at the Hum Awards 2020 ceremony.


  1. Meera Jee

Meera hum award 2020

Meera is a renowned Pakistani film actress. She has mastered wearing styling clothes. We have seen her previous ceremonies for carrying different outfits. But this time she can not do it. Meera wore a black Kaftan dress. The costume was embellished with a little embroidery on Daman on a piece of black shiny fabric. It seems like Meera’s last-minute pick. She carried a gold bracelet, black heels, and a bronze pouch. Her makeup was good, style was good but dress choice was not for this time. 

  1. Nadia Hussain


Nadia is a model, stylist, and beautician, but she did not try to show a good choice of outfit. She was wearing a fitted black trouser and shirt and topped it with a grey cap styled open shirt with a silver belt around her waist. She wore nice light makeup, hanging earrings, and heels. Nadia should understand that she was not going to dinner with her family. It was a red carpet event. The choice of dress was not good.      

  1. Nousheen Shah

Nosheen Shah Hum award 2020

She is a very strong and talented personality in our showbiz industry. She is an unorthodox lady and knows to stand out differently with style. But this time, she can not make a unique look as she has done earlier. She carried a grey bell-bottom trouser, a top shirt with full sleeves and a belt around her waist. Handing a beautiful silver pouch wearing high heels. Nosheen could rock with smokey eye makeup and unusual hairstyle but with a different outfit. But we like her confident pose for pictures.

  1. Zarmeena Ikram

Zarmeena Ikram hum award 2020

Zarmeen Ikram was totally out of the state. She wore a floral printed with the black base short frock. She paired her outfit with black ankle boots. What has she done on the glamourous night of Hum Award 2020? Are you not supposed to wear some colorful and chic outfit? It was a wonder that being a model, she has no sense of wearing a glamorous night. Although she was looking nice, the dress she has chosen was not suitable for a formal night function. It seemed that she had gone for a picnic, and came to attend this ceremony in an emergency.

  1. Amina Sheik


Amina is an established Pakistani actress. She also studded at the red carpet of the 7th Hum Award. She wore a nice traditionally embroidered silk dress. The design of the costume was inspired by the Chinese style but it could not fit her. Amina’s hairstyle and makeup were good but she could not go with the dress very much.

  1. Mahnoor Baloch

Mahnoor Baloch hum award show 2020

This woman is a timeless beauty. Time can not take her beauty away. But she can not make a chic on that night. She wore a silk saree with blue and green gradient colors. She decided to carry her saree with blue velvet blouse, that was looking totally off on her. If she does it with an embellished blouse then the case might be different. The reason behind choosing a velvet blouse may be the cold weather of Karachi. However, Mahnoor Baloch could not rock on the red carpet of Hum Awards 2020.


  1. Ayesha Toor

Hum award show 2020

Ayesha Toor is a famous model and TV actress, and she must be exercised in fashion and style. But seeing her outfit, it looked like she was out for watching a movie at the cinema or going to the beach with some friends. She paired a simple grey skirt with a sleeveless and revealing blouse. She wore casual light makeup and light jewelry. It was an unsuitable look for an award function. We were expecting some unique style from her.

Final Words

I have shown you some worst dressed celebrities at the Hum Style Award 2020. Look and tell us about your views. What personality dress did you find the worst?

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