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Sahir Lodhi is a multi-talented, passionate, and enthusiastic personality. He started his career as a DJ on Mast FM 103 later, and he made an appearance on TV. Now, he is a famous host, drama actor and a model. Sahi Lodhi is also a maker of many TV shows and has worked as a director. People also call him the Shahrukh Khan of Pakistan. Sahir does not tell much about him. However, we have tried to tell you all that we know about him.

Early Life and Education

Sahir was born in Karachi on 21 May 1968. He spent his early life in Karachi. He has done Masters in Petroleum Engineering from the Tech University of Montanas. He almost spent 14 years in the USA and came back in 2005. His elder brother Tahir Lodhi was working in FM 103, and he took Sahir there.

Hosting Career

Sahir started his TV career on Indus TV. His debut show was Chai Time. It was a great hit and made him famous among people. Before that, he was working as a DJ on mast FM 103. Then Geo TV made him host Sahir Online, which was a late-night show. He shifted to TV One and appeared in The Sahir Lodhi Show. Soon, he moved to One News and started a morning show named as Masala Morning. He switched the One News channel too. After that, we saw him on Samaa TV hosting Subah Savereh Samma Kay Sath in 2016. Sahir again joined TV One in 2019. Here Apka Sahir made a hit, and people started to love Sahir more and he is the heartthrob of people now. 

Sahir has also worked as a host in 10Tak Ke Baad With Sahir on Geo TV; it was also a late-night show and Morning with Sahir on A-Plus Entertainment in 2012-2013. 

He was also the maker of Shair Online, Kuch Tum Kahao Kuch Hum Kahain, The Sahir Show, and Morning Masala shows, Ranjhey Sassi Punoon Heer and Dhorajee. Here is the complete list of Sahir’s TV shows:

  • Chai Time (Indus TV) debut 
  • Sahir Online (Geo TV)
  • Morning Masala (News One)
  • The Sahir Lodhi Show (TV One)
  • Apka Sahir (TV One)
  • Morning with Sahir (A-Plus Entertainment)
  • Subah Savereh Samma Kay Sath (Samaa TV)
  • The Sahir Show (Geo TV)
  • 10 Tak Kay Baad With Sahir (Geo TV)

Dramas and Films

Sahir is a great actor too. His emotionally so expressive, which made him work as a tremendous actor and the skills that made him unmatched. He worked as an actor in Bichrain Gay Abb Kaisay, Tum Meyray Ho, Adhuray Khuawab, Khado Khal, Saheli, and Yeh Zindagi Hai are.

Sahir made his first movie Raasta which was released in 2017. It was not that hit on the large screen, but people liked it. Now he is working on another film Mausam. Sahir said he would announce more details about the film soon.

Radio Show

Sahir started his career as VJ on Mast FM 103. He still does The Sahir Show on Mast FM 03, which is airing from Monday to Friday. The Sahir Show is a late-night radio show. It is a fun entertainment and counseling show. Sahir invites some guests and takes live calls on his program. He is also called the Guru of radio.

Married Life

Sahir Lodhi is married to Somi Nizami Lodhi. They are the parents of a beautiful daughter Zara Lodhi. We do not see his wife and daughter most often on media, unlike the families of other showbiz persons. However, they came on several shows, and we can see him together with family on some functions.


His parents always encouraged him. They did everything to support their children. Sahir’s father was a government servant, and his name was Ali Gohar Lodhi. His mother’s name is Roshan Taj Lodhi, and she was a housewife. Sahir has said in many gatherings that he came to Pakistan for his parents.


Sahir is the second child of his parents. He has three siblings. They all are talented and doing good in their fields. Their names are Amir Lodhi, Tahir Lodhi, and Shaista Lodhi. Shaista Lodhi is a doctor but also hosting TV shows. Shaista has made her name famous now.


Sahir Lodhi has won various awards at the 2nd Pakistan Media Awards including, Pakistan Media Awards for Best Radio Show (2010), Pakistan Media Awards for Best Radio Jockey (2010), Pakistan Media Awards for TV Show Host (2010), Pakistan Media Awards for Best Morning Show (2010).

Sahir Lodhi Foundation and Sahi Associates

Sahir Lodhi says that he wants a change and wants to build harmony. He announced to establish ‘The Sahir Lodhi Foundation’ which will work for the primary health care of children in Pakistan, he mentioned in the mission statement that his foundation would assist in creating educational opportunities and motivate the people to come forward for the betterment of the society. This foundation would also work to provide legal aid.

Besides that, he came up with a housing project Khayaban-e-Amin, Lahore, by Sahir Associates. In an interview, Sahir said that I have never been a kid, I started to work at an early age, work is my second nature, and I do work because I have nothing else to do.

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