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Meera is among the Pakistani actresses, who worked in Bollywood. The well-known film actress, the word in an Indian movie, Nazar. She revealed that Mahesh Butt questioned her to marry Ashmit Patel, but Meera turned this offer down because of religious differences. An interview clip is viral in which the interviewer also asked about the proposal for marriage from Emraan Hashmi. Meera told the host that she also overruled it. She said that her family did not agree to this proposal. This news brought her in the light again, and all the media is talking about it. Before that, the Pakistani film actress also has been a topic for gossip for the controversial marriage with Attiq ur Rehman, although Meera claimed that she did not marry him.


 About Family

Irtaza Rubab is known for her stage name Meera. She was born in a Syed family of Sheikhupura on 12 May 1977. Her father’s name is Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah, and Shafqat Rubab is Meera’s mother. Meera has three brothers; Murtaza Ahsan, Syed Ahsan Abbas, and Syed Hussain and two sisters; Shaista Abbasi and Rubab Aqsa. All of them are well established in their lives.


About Education

Meera completed her early education from the home town, Sheikhupura. She attended St. Wed School and enrolled at Kinnaird College for Women University for higher education.

Personal Life

Meera is the most scandalized actress of the showbiz industry. The bold actress is always criticized for her popularity stunts. She has always been in the news for many scandals like her trial of marriage with Attiq ur Rehman in the court, affairs with the retired Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar. Recently, Meera Jee again caused a stir, claiming in an interview that Indian film actor proposed to her for marriage, but she refused the proposal.

Is Meera Hitched with Captain Naveed Pervaiz?

Media has revealed a certificate of Meera and Captain Naveed. The couple registered for a wedding in 2012 in New York. However, Meera denied the news of marriage with Naveed Pervaiz.

The marriage certificate was revealed by the alleged in-laws. Both families are planning to hold traditional functions and wedding ceremonies. Initially, Meera declined the news, but later, her father told the media that the couple will tie the knot traditionally in August 2017. He also said that the wedding was delayed due to a legal fight with Sheikh Attiq ur Rehman.


Attiq ur Rehman Marriage Scandal

Sheikh Attiq ur Rehman alleged Meera that she married both Captain Naveed and him at the same time. According to the news, Meera married a man named Attiq ur Rehman in 2007. He also presented the pictures and Nikahnama in court. Then at one time, Sheikh Attique also brought the chair to the court as evidence on which Meera sat for Nikkah. Finally, in 2018, the Lahore Family Court gave the verdict that the forensic report proves the marriage certificate (nikahnama) and pictures to be real. So, the court rejected Meera’s claim of forged pictures and marriage documents. Judge Baber Nadeem said that Meera and Attiq ur Rehman are legally wedded. The couple had disputes over the ownership of a house. Meera can file for Khula if the disputes between them are not sorted as the nikah khawan also confirmed their marriage.

Meera Outrages about Mahira, “There are many Heroins in the Industry Working Better Than Mahira. Media Should Stop Promoting Her.”

Meera always seeks attention and takes place in the news with controversial issues and statements. Recently she lashes out on Mahira. The reason for strongly nitpicking the Raees star is that Meera alleged Mahira is running a campaign against her in the showbiz industry. She said that Mahira is not an accomplished actress, there are many Pakistani celebrities who are more talented and skillful than her. She blamed that Mahira has established a lobby in Karachi and is getting all film projects. This is not good, and everyone should get a chance to work. I am more talented than Mahira but not getting work in movies. I also have lost all of my projects in Bollywood because of her push against me. If Mahira has guts, then she should follow the morals and stop sidelining the others.

Early Career

Meera always wanted to join the showbiz industry. She actively participated in dramas and performances at school and college. Then she began her career as a model in teenage and earned her name there as a competent model.

Then, during the 1990s, she was offered a film. The director signed her after seeing Meera prominent in a TV commercial. Meera took this opportunity and set her career off in the film industry of Pakistan.


Lollywood Career Journey

She acted in her debut movie, Kanta, which was released in 1995. Meera was not acknowledged until 1999 when she received her first award of a career in recognition of her work in a movie, Khilona. Meera won the second award consecutively for her performance in a film, Inteha, in that She worked with Hamayun Saeed. Samina Pirzada was the director of the film. She also received praise for her notable performances in Baazigar, Salakhain, Lazawl, Faraib, Ehsas, Nhai Log, and God Father. She worked in both Punjabi and Urdu movies. Meera has also worked in Pashto movies. In 2019, Meera financed a movie, Baaji. Now she has also put herself into the direction. She has announced a new film project, Oscar, as a director.


List of Lollywood Films

1995 Films

  • Kaanta

1996 Films

  • Chief Sahib
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  • Hawaen
  • Baazigar (Punjabi)
  • Miss Istanbul
  • Cheez Bari Hai Mast Mast
  • Khilona
  • Beqabu
  • Hum Hain Aap Ke Ghulam
  • Raani Khan (Punjabi)

1997 Films

  • Duniya Hai Dil Walon KI
  • Hum Tumhare Hain
  • Dream Girl
  • Mard Jeene Nahi Detay
  • Sharafat
  • Faraib

1998 Films

  • Ehsaas
  • Harjai
  • Tu Chor Main Sipahi
  • Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye

1999 Films

  • Guns and Roses
  • Inteha
  • Duniya Se Kya Darna
  • Mujhe Jeene Do
  • Virasat
  • Pal Do Pal
  • Babul Da Vehra (Punjabi)

2000 Films

Ghar kab ao Gay
Ghar kab ao Gay
  • Ghar Kab Ao Gy
  • Dil Se Na Bhulana
  • Billi 
  • Mr. Faradiye
  • Lazawal
  • Ghulam (Punjabi)

2001 Films

  • Rukhsati
  • Musalman
  • Khoey Ho Tum Kahan
  • Gharana
  • Toofan Mail (Punjabi)
  • Munda Rang Eangeela (Punjabi)

2002 Films

  • Chalo Ishq Larain
  • Kalu Shahpuria (Punjabi)
  • Billa (Punjabi)
  • Toofan (Punjabi)
  • Jahad
  • Raqasa (Punjabi)
  • Fire

2003 Films

Meri Awaz Suno
Meri Awaz Suno
  • Meri Awaz Suno

2004 Dramas

  • Salakhain

2005 Films

  • Aik Gunah Aur

2006 Films

  • Pappu Gujjar (Punjabi)

2007 Films

  • Godfather
  • Potra Shahiye Da (Punjabi)
  • Bicchu

2008 Films

  • Khule Aasman Ke Neechy

2009 Films

  • Hakim Arain (Punjabi)
  • Fareb

2010 Films

  • Haseeno Ka Mela
  • Numberdarni (Punjabi)

2011 Films

  • Son of Pakistan (Punjabi)
  • Bhai Log
  • Love Mein Ghum

2013 Films

  • Ishq Khuda (Punjabi)
  • Orbal (Pashto)

2014 Films

  • Zargia Khwar She

2015 Films

  • Devdas

2016 Films

  • Salute
  • Hotal
  • Jab Tak Hain Hum

2018 Films

  • Aks
  • Wujood
  • ShorSharaba
  • Jackpot

2019 Films

  • Baaji
  • Paray Hatt Love

    Baap ki Goud
    Baap ki Goud

Upcoming Projects

  • Chaa Jaa Ray
  • Oscar

Bollywood Career

Meera is the first Pakistani actress who worked in Bollywood movies. She appeared in the joint venture, Nazar, with Ashmit Patel. It was the first movie in 50 years, for which both India and Pakistani officials and personalities came together. But, the movie could attract audiences. Apart from this, she has done more work in Bollywood.

2005 Films

  • Nazar 
  • Kasak

2012 Films

  • Paanch Ghantey Mein Paanch Crore

2013 Films

  • Bhadaas

2015 Films 

  • Bumper Draw 
  • Dunno Y2.. Life is a Moment  

Television Career

Meera showed off on a small screen, first-time in 2016. She worked in Mein Sitara with Mikaal Zulfiqar. The drama was penned by a well-known writer, Faiza Iftekhar.

Meera was also part of the drama cast, Naagin. She has done very limitedly but excellent work in dramas. Following is the list of dramas in which she appeared:

  • Main Sitara on TV One in 2016
  • Socha Na Tha Pyaar Krain Gy on Hum TV in 2017
  • Naagin on Geo Kahani from 2017-2019
  • Television Series, Abba on PTV Home in 2019
  • Comedy Adda on ARY Digital in 2020


She has won Nigar Awards for her matchless performance in the films, Khilona and Inteha. She also has won the Nigar Award for the best actress of the year. The Government of Pakistan awarded Meera with the Pride of Performance Award in 2012. Times of India listed her Bollywood movie, Paanch Ghantey Mein Paanch Crore, among the ‘Top 10 Bold Indian Movies’.

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