Momina Iqbal Biography: The Rising Star of Pakistani Television

Momina Iqbal is a rapidly rising star in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Though only in her late 20s, she has already made her mark through acclaimed performances in hit serials. Her girl-next-door charm and acting talent have won over audiences nationwide.

In this biography, we explore Momina’s journey from aspiring actress to primetime star along with her personal life and career highlights.

Early Life and Background

Momina Iqbal was born on November 23, 1991 in Karachi, Pakistan. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She spent most of her childhood and school years in Karachi.

Even as a young child, Momina was creatively inclined. She loved imitating television actresses and performing impromptu skits for family members. Her parents noted her flair for drama and active imagination early on.

After completing her matriculation, Momina moved to Lahore for college. She majored in Mass Communication at the University of Lahore. During her student years, she was involved in theater productions and modeling.

Momina credits her mass communication studies and extracurricular activities for laying the foundation to pursue acting professionally. Her college experiences built her confidence, expressiveness, and on-camera skills.

Professional Beginnings

Momina Iqbal Biography

While still a student, Momina Iqbal started her professional career as a model. Her first modeling opportunity was a print shoot for a lawn brand.

She gradually got more catalog and magazine assignments and walked runway shows for local designers. Her girl-next-door looks made her a sought-after model for commercial fashion campaigns.

After completing her degree, Momina moved back to Karachi to focus full-time on establishing her acting career. She took workshops to further hone her skills at The Actors’ Studio in Karachi.

In 2017, renowned television director Nadeem Baig spotted Momina at a casting call and selected her for a supporting role in the drama Dil Nawaz. Although a brief part, sharing scenes with established artists helped build her on-set experience.

Breakthrough Role in Parlour Wali Larki

The following year, Momina Iqbal got her big break playing the lead role of Maryam in the 2018 ARY Digital drama Parlour Wali Larki.

Her character is a headstrong girl from a middle-class family who becomes the sole bread earner by running a beauty parlor after her father’s death. The serial revolved around Maryam’s struggles managing the parlor, family, and relationships in a male-dominated society.

Momina displayed her acting range as she convincingly portrayed the many faces of Maryam – from a confident entrepreneur, dutiful daughter, romantic interest, and more.

Parlour Wali Larki was a hit and Momina received high praise for her outstanding performance. Her expressive eyes, subtle emoting, and on-screen charisma made Maryam feel like a living, breathing character.

This star-making role cemented her acting credentials and proved that Momina had the talent necessary to carry an entire serial as the lead heroine.

Film Debut in Daal Chawal

In 2019, Momina Iqbal made her film debut in the Urdu feature film Daal Chawal directed by Ahson Talish and produced by Wajahat Rauf.

She played the role of Sonia, a young woman focused on her career goals and adjusting to living with her new step-family after her mother’s remarriage.

Shot on location in the scenic northern areas of Pakistan, Daal Chawal was a romantic comedy-drama. Momina held her own alongside established film actors including Atiqa Odho, Azfar Rehman, and Osman Khalid Butt.

Critics praised her nuanced performance which added emotional depth to this lighthearted film. Daal Chawal emerged commercially successful and marked an encouraging start to Momina’s film acting career.

The role showcased that her talent could translate seamlessly from television to the big screen.

Acclaim for Ajnabi Loge Zindagi and Ishq Mein Kaafir

In 2019, Momina Iqbal played the lead character Tabeer in Hum TV’s drama Ajnabi Loge Zindagi. Her role was that of an optimistic and self-sufficient young woman who remains caring and humble despite the hardships she faces.

Momina Iqbal Biography

Tabeer goes through emotional upheavals from losing her father at a young age to marrying someone who hides his mental illness to finding out she can never be a mother.

Momina compellingly conveyed the complex inner turmoil and quiet resilience Tabeer displays through these challenges while maintaining her fundamental humanity. Critics praised her nuanced and empathetic performance.

The same year she played the pivotal character Dua in the spiritual romance Ishq Mein Kaafir. As an otherworldly beauty, her performance balanced innocence, wisdom, and allure.

Her character acts as a guiding angel to the lead played by Emaad Irfani and mends their relationship. Momina’s ethereal screen presence added weight to this mystical role.

Supporting Roles in Ehd-e-Wafa and Dar Khuda Say

From 2019-2020, Momina Iqbal played the part of Masooma in the patriotic ISPR drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa alongside rising co-stars Ahad Raza Mir, Osman Khalid Butt, Alizeh Shah, and Wahaj Ali.

As the female lead’s cousin, Momina provided a grounded, relatable character amidst the show’s military backdrop. Her role offered lighter moments that resonated with audiences.

In 2021, she appeared in Hum TV’s spiritual drama Dar Khuda Say as Hania, the departed soul of a young woman who makes a pact with a spirit to observe her family’s lives and fulfill her unfinished business.

Despite limited screen time, Momina left an impression with her wistful presence and subtle facial expressions conveying Hania’s plight.

Recognition through Khuda aur Mohabbat and Laapata

In 2021, Momina Iqbal rose to wider fame after playing the parallel lead Naheed in season 3 of the spiritual romance anthology Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

As the selfless childhood friend of the male lead (played by Feroze Khan), her tragic unrequited love for his character struck a chord. Momina portrayed Naheed’s integrity, devotion, and quiet strength with nuance.

The role became one of her most well-received, showcasing her ability to connect with audiences through an emotional performance. Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 became one of the highest-rated dramas of 2021 and turned Momina into a household name.

In the same year, she played the lead role of Aliya in the thriller drama Laapata opposite Bilal Abbas Khan. As a missing girl who reunites with her family under mysterious circumstances years later, Momina’s restrained acting conveyed the complex emotions of her challenging role.

Critics praised her for compellingly carrying this intense serial through her standout performance. Her popularity continued rising after appearing in back-to-back hit serials Khuda Aur Mohabbat and Laapata.

Continued Success in 2022 and Beyond

In 2022, Momina Iqbal was seen in ARY Digital’s comedy-drama Meray Humnasheen in a lighter role as the outspoken and confident Shanzey. Her character’s mischievous chemistry with co-star Zimbabwean cricketer Sikander Raza garnered laughs and applause.

She also played the deglamorized role of domestic abuse victim Gulriya in the socially relevant serial Saaya which highlighted violence against women in society. Despite limited screen time, Momina managed to shine in this departure from her usual budding romantic heroine roles.

Upcoming projects lined up for Momina include the lead roles in the dramas Grift opposite Imran Ashraf and Samjhota opposite Ahad Raza Mir. With her recent string of successful serials establishing her versatility and acting skills, Momina’s star continues rising as she takes on more diverse and prominent roles.

Personal Life

Momina Iqbal likes to keep a low profile and maintains a private personal life. However, a few personal details are known:

  • She has a younger sister named Rimsha Iqbal who is a law graduate. She also has two brothers.
  • Her hobbies include reading, baking, and traveling. During college, she was an avid debater and enjoyed participating in theater productions.
  • She is close with her family and credits their support in pursuing her passion for acting.
  • For a change of pace from acting, Momina enjoys doing philanthropic work. She volunteers her time for various charity initiatives.
  • She is single and not publicly dating anyone. In interviews, Momina states she wants to focus fully on establishing her career for now before considering marriage.
  • She follows a balanced diet and incorporates fitness routines like swimming, yoga, and home exercises into her schedule. This keeps her healthy despite her busy filming projects back-to-back.

Despite her stardom, Momina Iqbal comes across as grounded, humble, and family-oriented. She remains dedicated to honing her craft above all else.

Momina Iqbal’s Acting Style and Recognition

Momina Iqbal possesses an impressive range as an actor. She convincingly portrays diverse characters across genres – from lighthearted and romantic, to intense and dramatic.

Critics praise Momina for her expressive eyes that emote a myriad of feelings. She relies more on subtle facial expressions and body language rather than over-the-top histrionics. Her natural acting style makes characters and emotions feel authentically real.

Beyond her acting skills, her graceful on-screen presence and girl-next-door appeal endear her to audiences. She knows how to pick roles that play to her strengths.

In just a few short years, Momina has earned several accolades:

  • Lux Style Awards for Best Television Sensation – Female (2019)
  • Hum Awards for Best Television Sensation – Female (2019)
  • Pakistan International Film Festival Awards for Best Female Actor – Jury (2019)
  • Nominated for Best Actor Female at Hum Awards (2020)

Her raw acting talent and mass appeal have established Momina Iqbal as one of the most promising young artists in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

Summary of Momina Iqbal’s Career

  • Born in 1991 in Karachi. Completed mass communication degree in Lahore.
  • Started as a model while in college before pursuing acting. Took acting workshops after graduation.
  • Television debut in 2017. Rose to fame in 2018 starring in Parlour Wali Larki.
  • Made film debut in 2019’s Daal Chawal. Went on to act in hits like Ajnabi Loge Zindagi.
  • Played pivotal roles in the acclaimed dramas Ehd-e-Wafa, Dar Khuda Say, and Ishq Mein Kaafir.
  • Gained widespread popularity in 2021 appearing in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 and Laapata.
  • Continues taking on diverse lead roles in highly rated serials like Meray Humnasheen and Saaya.
  • Recognized for her acting range, emotive eyes, and down-to-earth personality.

At just 31, Momina Iqbal possesses the acting sensibility and screen presence of a much more seasoned performer. Her career trajectory points towards a long promising future as a leading star of Pakistan’s entertainment scene.

Momina Iqbal’s Legacy and Influence

Despite only being active in the industry for a handful of years, Momina Iqbal has already left a lasting impression through her body of work. Some of the key ways she has influenced Pakistani television include:

  • Carrying serials with strong central performances that draw in viewership.
  • Choosing scripts with progressive female protagonists that resonate with modern audiences.
  • Striking a balance between commercial success and playing substantive roles.
  • Leveraging her stardom to promote philanthropic causes important to her.
  • Inspiring other aspiring actors to hone their craft and be patient for the right roles.
  • Becoming an idol for youth with her grace, relatability, and acting chops.

Momina may just be getting started, but she has all the makings of an iconic celebrity who will shape perceptions for generations of viewers. As she continues fearlessly picking complex characters, her fame and acclaim are sure to keep rising.

The Future Looks Bright for Momina Iqbal

Momina Iqbal’s talents, work ethic, and reputation have set her up for a trailblazing career over the coming decades.

She has the versatility to excel in commercial telefilms, hard-hitting social dramas, romantic serials, and comedic roles. As she expands into films, her obvious star power is expected to draw large crowds to theaters.

With leading directors and production houses lining up to sign her, Momina’s schedule remains packed. While still perfecting her craft, she has mastered balancing multiple high-profile projects simultaneously.

Her sincere personality and artistic integrity shine through to make her not just a consummate professional, but a role model. Momina Iqbal’s star is rising fast, and she has all the ingredients for enduring success. Her best and brightest contributions to Pakistani entertainment likely still lie ahead.

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