PISA Awards Winners 2020

The first Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) 2020 was held at Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. All Pakistani talented stars gathered under a roof. The important thing about the event is that many social media personalities and YouTubers were also nominated for awards. This award show was aimed at creating a soft image of Pakistan. It was a glamorous red-carpet night show. Everyone was well dressed and looked beautiful. Various dance and song performances were made on the stage. This night was important for the showbiz industry.


The awards were given to those personalities who showed excellent performance in the entertainment industry.
This event was also important for the recognition of Pakistan because all celebrities were going to present their country internationally.

Best Actor-Critic

Adnan Siddiqui received the award for the best actor chosen by critics from drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho.

Adnan Saddiqui
Adnan Saddiqui

Best Actress Critic

Critics chose Sana Javed from the drama serial Ruswai for the best actress’s award.

Best Actor in Comedy Role

Adnan Samad Khan from Ehd-e-Wafa won an award for the best actor comedy role. He is performing the role of Gulzar Hussain in that drama.  

Best Actress in Comedy Role

Tayi Jaan from Suno Chanda won an award for the best actress in a comedy role. Nadia Afghan did great in that role.

Lifetime Achievement Award (Male)

Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi was awarded for the lifetime achievement award in the male category.

Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi
Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi

Lifetime Achievement Award (Female)

Abida Parveen was given a lifetime achievement award in the female category.

Best Picture

Superstar movie won an award for the best picture.

Actor in a Leading Role

None other than but Shehryar Munnawer won an award for the best actor in a leading role in a movie, Paray Hut Love.

Actress in a Leading Role

Mahira Khan from the movie Superstar won an award for the best actress in the leading role.


Actor in Supporting Role

Ahmed Ali Butt was given an award for the best actor in a supporting role from a movie, Parey Hut Love.  

Actress in Supporting Role

Beautiful Zara Noor Abbas was awarded for the best actress in a supporting role in a movie called Parey Hut Love.


Salman Razzaq was the best cinematographer. He won the award for the cinematography of the movie, Parey Hut Love.


Asim Raza was the best director for winning the award. He won the award for directing the movie, Parey Hut Love.

Asim Raza
Asim Raza


Azaan Sami Khan did the best music in a movie, Superstar, and won an award. 

Best Model

Gorgeous Sadaf Kanwal was awarded the best model award at PISA 2020.

Best Designer

Hasan Shehyar Yasin HSY thanked his fans and said that all he does is for people not for himself. Firstly, I thank Allah, and then people who voted for me. 

Instagram Influencer/Blogger

Hira Attique won the award for the best Instagram influencer/blogger. She shared her pictures on the Instagram account and thanked her voters. Hira mentioned that she thinks that Hemayal deserves this award more.

Hira Attique
Hira Attique

Prankster YouTuber

P 4 Pakao won the award for the best prankster on YouTube. Danish did not attend the show, so Wakar Zaka received the award on his behalf.


Zaid Ali won an award for the best YouTuber in the category of funny skits. He received it from Waqar Zaka and thanked the audience and fans in beautiful words. Zaid said, “Thank you so much. To be honest, first of all, I would like to say, everyone who was in this category with me, whether it be Sham Idrees, Moroo, Junejo, Shahveer all are good Pakistani YouTubers. This is the first award for social media recognition, and I just wanna say that it is Allah Almighty’s blessing that brought me to this stage. It has been 10 years now since I started making videos. I was 15 years old at that time and this year, I am gonna turn 25. I just wanna say, I want to dedicate this award to my beautiful wife. She has been with me through all of the campaigns and she has brought a lot of blessings in my life, so I dedicate this award to her. I never thought about winning an award. Thank you to the fans for voting for me.”

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